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Business Technology Cloud Platform - Cloud Foundry Development Training - Cloud Application Programming Model - CAPM 

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Start Date:  16 Sep 2023
Weekends 7-9 AM India time
Duration : 40 Hours


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 Expected Start Date: 21 Oct 2024
Timings will be Weekends 7-9 AM IST
Duration: 40 Hours
The demo is on 21 Oct 2024

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Quick Preview of the BTP Training content

The Business Technology Platform - Cloud Foundry training and certification course introduces you to the vast potential of SAP Business Technology Platform and provides hands-on experience in using this open platform.

The Cloud Foundry environment allows you to create polyglot cloud applications in Cloud Foundry. It contains the SAP Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry runtime service, which is based on the open-source application platform managed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

The Cloud Foundry environment enables you to develop new business applications and business services, supporting multiple runtimes, programming languages, libraries, and services. You can leverage a multitude of buildpacks, including community innovations and self-developed build packs. It also integrates with SAP HANA extended application services, advanced model (SAP HANA XSA).

1. Build, Develop, Deploy, Manage end to end Cloud Application using Java, Node JS, and UI5 on cloud

2. Become an SAP Cloud Platform Developer
3. Learn Creation of Side-by-Side Extension

4. Build Applications using SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Fondary

5. Create Apps on NodeJS, Java and UI5 with CAPM Framework

6. Understand Cloud Application Programming Model and Go-to Development

7. Be the best full stack developer on Cloud Platform

8. Learn Latest tooling like Jenkins, Docker, GitHUB, Business Application Studio on CF

On completion of this course you will be able to:-

1. SAP Cloud Platform, Introduction

2. Platform Concepts

3. Development of microservices using Java, Node JS

4. Understand Cloud Application Programming Model - CAPM

5. Build Extension in Business Technology platform using s4 cloud sdk


Key Highlights of this Course:-


1. First, we will gain a basic understanding of Cloud offering, what is PaaS, what is Cloud Foundry(SAP and Pivotal) and why
2. Then we will understand how Cloud Foundry(CF) functions 
3. We will understand from architectural overview aspect Cloud Apps working in Cloud Foundry
4. We will understand the Cx and Implement CI(Continuous Integration) to give us a strong foundation of Maven, Maven builds

     and DevOps
5. After that, we work with Spring Boot Framework and Create Simple Apps.

6. We increase the complexity with the PostgreSQL database, then Elephant Database in Cloud and then HDI Container in 

    SAP®  Cloud Foundry. Our Focus here is to work with custom Side-by-Side Application Development
7. Once we become comfortable with Spring Boot then we see how in the Microservice scenario our App fits, we create NodeJS 

    App, Spring Boot App and Approuter in Single Microservice Based app and Deploy to SAP Cloud Foundry(SCF)
8. Next step will be to secure our App With XSUAA Service in SCF
9. Till now we have learned the Microservice Apps development, now the time is to learn new CAPM(Cloud Application 10.

     Programming Model) way of working with Apps Development
11.Next we will learn the concept of Docker and create containers and work with it, we will also see how to deploy Docker   

      containers in SAP Cloud Foundry With CAPM App
12.Security and Monitoring of our cloud App we cover in between the App development phase and the remaining important       

      parts  we will cover at the end 

Why learn and get certified in SCP Business Technology Platform Development Training?

This course is created by world-class instructors Anubhav Oberoy and subject matter experts(SME). Normally, paid courses are more than 7 hours long with a deep dive into technology while covering the full-fledged project(s).
Anubhav design and user experience team keep a check thus ensuring world-class content. The content is designed such that students are able to work on technologies after having a hands-on exposure to them and acquire professional techniques after completing the courses. Our instructors also help users with any questions or doubts regarding the course or coding exercise.


1. Basic programming knowledge
2. Basic knowledge of Java and Node JS

3. Basic understanding of SAP

Learn and Understand Cloud Foundry(SCP and PCF), Spring Boot Cloud Native, Microservice App Dev With NodeJS, CAPM, HDI, Docker, Jenkins, Cx and More.

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