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Frequently Asked Questions

Filling Out a Form
How do i register for the classes?

Please email us on to subscribe for a course with the module name and mode of training.
You can either attend the live demo before enrolling or checkout the demo session recording on our website. So, if you wish to attend the live demo just fill out the contact us form on the next page.

Demo classes are absolutely free. You can decide after taking the demo. Check out free demoS here from our Youtube channel.

Online Discussion
Is training real-time?

Yes, all the real time scenarios will be part of the training. Most of the scenarios are picked up from LIVE Project and implementations across MNCs. The training is covered without any copy-paste of code.

This gives you unprecedented coverage and knowledge. We also cover all possible Interviewed questions during the course. Which will benefit you for job hunt or change in profile.

The video mode of training is actually recorded sessions of live classes only, so you will get full coverage of QnA questions during class. We will share the latest video of the most recently completed batch. We will also help you answer all technical questions in case you opt for video mode of course.

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I have never taken online courses in the past, will it really help?

Yes, indeed most of the professionals and students are finding the online mode of training helpful these days.
some of the advantages are listed below here.
You can attend the classes sitting at home in your own comfort zone. 
The recordings of the classes are available later for your reference in the training blog.
You can have many of your friends joining from different locations together.

Online Meeting
How will the classes be conducted.

Classes will be conducted online only, you will get a notification to attend the 30 minutes before and in that, you will get the link to attend the session. We will use the free go-to meeting tool to conduct the classes and there is no special system requirement to use it. You just need to have a laptop and internet connection.

Young People - Meeting With Computers
What are all be the part of the training Package.

Online courses classes.
Recordings of classes( You cannot download the videos, you will have 8 months of access)
course content and course material(Downloadable)
Doubt clarification session with trainer.
Test and assignments.
Interview Questions sets
Free Access to learning series.
Training PPTs
Please contact our certification partner For dumps and fees

Working on a Computer
How much will be the duration of the course? What is the difference between live and video training? 

The course duration differs between topics. Please refer to the course offering session for the duration of each course.

You can also take only training videos to learn, which is exactly like live classes. By this way, you can sit and learn at your own convenience. You cannot download videos, you will have 8 months of access for videos.

The content of live training is the same as video training. The videos are recordings of live classes only hence you also get a chance to listen to questions asked by students during that class.

Server Installation
What about server access for practice?

Most of the students are working professionals with MNCs are working professionals with MNC they use their own company server hence we do not include fee for server in the course. We can arrange the server on-demand basis, in case you need to practice all concepts. The fully activated appliance is available for practice to connect from your local GUI, Browser, and eclipse.
The offered server has S/4H2021, launchpad and designer, webIDE access, ADT and GUI access from your local machine is possible.
Contact us on 

Hotline Consultant
If I were to go to the video-based training, do you provide support in case I have a doubt or clarification?

There is no 1:1 consulting or job support available. You can always email your doubts and get them clarified, on need basis we will invite you to the next upcoming live class to ask your doubts as well as to the trainer. We make sure that you are successful in your career and able to get better and opportunities.

Online Workshop
If in case I miss a LIVE session, what is the option to cover?

Every live class gets recorded, you can watch the recording of the live class from our training blog. A training blog will be created for every batch and access of that will be provided to each student. That will be single places to watch recordings, access training ppt, content and study material. You can watch these videos 24*7 multiple times. Also, even if you attended classes, still for you also all videos will be available for review.

Startup Development Team
What are tools/ Software which I should install on my machine?

You do not know about any tool prior to training start, because the trainer will cover all the necessary tools in initial classes and guide you to set up your system properly so you will be able to practice all real-time examples and coding exercises in the system with more and more hands on.
The training covers both theory and hands on parallel with lots of training exercises to get command on topics. Top-notch industry scenarios are part of training that you cannot find anywhere else.

Do you provide on-job support after course?

By default, the job support services are not part of the training package. You can get a subscription of job support once training is complete. With a subscription, we will get all your work done for you with screen sharing, or provide you the code to use and demonstrate work in your company.

Computer Class
Why did we choose you? There are other institutes also in the market.

We recommended you to take a demo from all and decide. Compare training strategies, course content, fees, confidence of trainer and decide. Before deciding, just check if the trainer covering content which is used in industry, is the course sequence proper, by chance trainer not teaching copy-paste of code, the right development tools are being used, etc.
Be careful from these institutes below:

Done Deal
What is my account no. after taking the course?

Your Gmail-id is your account no. We will provide all the access to your Gmail because we rely on Google services. Please note that the change of Gmail id is not permitted as this is your unique account no.

Business Meeting
Will it be 1:1 Training?

No, the course is effective when we collaborate. Hence all the modules are either self-paced based or LIVE training within a batch.
Perhaps, There are multiple options to choose from

Option 1:Go for video mode of training and clarify your doubts from the trainer via email.
Option2: Join the ongoing batch from middle, watch missed classes by videos and join trainer LIVE on a regular basis for upcoming classes. You will also get a chance to attend the next live batch from beginning again.
Option3:Wait for the next LIVE batch and then start from scratch.

You can only choose one multiple option cannot be selected, please make a choice properly based on your convenience. The fee is SAME as for any option you choose.

Young Businesswomen
Does UI5 course cover launchpad design administration also is this course based on the UI5 latest version?

All our courses are based on the latest version and the latest software releases, so you can rest assured with the gold standard and best practice used in the industry.
The UI5 Course is developer's training and Launchpad is Advance Training hence we seprated both modules. In UI5 course you become developer and Launchpad course will help you become Administrator and Architect.
Check guidenence video here

Smart Watch
How much time do we really need to give for learning UI5 on a daily basis?

How much time it will take to learn UI5 properly for an developer cause their lots of new things to learn CSS, Javascript,html5, It depends on your own speed and pace, usually, it goes as 1:2 ratio, which means if the course duration is 40 hours to practice and build skills properly you need to spend 80hours more on top of training to become an expert. Considering developer or non-developer both take the same time. We will cover the basis of HTML, CSS, JS, and JQuery in the course itself, so it doesn't matter whether you know or not. Perhaps.

People Working in Open Office
Will I have access to some Dev environment in order to make course exercises.

Since most of the training are working professionals in the IT industry, they already have the server access from their company, hence we do not charge server cost as part of training, perhaps if somebody needed we do have S4H latest version available on demand basis which is going to be an extra cost apart from training. Using the instance you can practice all our courses.

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Do I have any channel open to clarify questions during the course.

You can ask all your doubts to the trainer over email. If you are going with the video mode of training, you will anyway interact with the trainer during the live session. We also have a forum on our website where you can post your questions and all the fellow students can answer.
Click here to navigate to the forum.

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After finishing the training, can we directly appear for interviews or we need real time exposure after training for interviews?

Yes, we will cover all the interview questions as part of the course. We will also teach you "how to read the interviewer's" mind so you can technically drive your own interview yourself.

Distance Learning
Will You please give me a learning path in the world for an experienced developer who wants to improve and learn a new thing? I am asking because there are a lot of suggestions which lead to confusion, I personally wasted so much time because of wrong guidance?

Today, most of us want to learn new things because technology changed in recent years very fast, keeping us perplexed, but in order to learn there is so much of confusion, what to learn in what to invest, how to learn best practices, gold standards of the coding and full of confusion. 
There is a mentor missing in our life to guide the lightning path we strongly recommended to watch below video for correct guidance.

Image by Windows
 How will I get the video access?

We will share a private blog access from our official website, where you will find all videos and study material related to the module.
If you have enrolled for the LIVE mode you will get the link to attend also from the same site access. This is a full self-service and automated process.

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What is the best recommendation to become an expert in the module?

SAP Analytics Cloud - for BW and BOBJ consultants / Fresher
UI5 and Fiori - ABAP / UI Consultants / Fresher / Full stack Developer
ABAP on HANA - ABAP / Application Consultants / Fresher / Full stack Developer
ABAP on Cloud - ABAP / Application Architects / Full Stack Developers
Fiori Advance - ABAP / Solution Architects / Full Stack Developers / SAP Security Experts

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Till what time we will get the access after the payment is made?

This is an automated process, within 3-4 Hours of time your subscription will be activated and you will get email from our system. Please note that
our working hours are in the IST zone.

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 Right now can I go for the video batch and later can I join 
  the LIVE batch.

Yes, we will allow one switch from Video to Live or vice-versa. Once this option is availed you cannot reciprocate it.

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 Do you provide any certification?

Yes, we will provide you with a course completion certificate. Along with the course, the trainer will guide the standard certification process and tips to clear it.

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What is the experience level of your trainers?

Our trainers usually have 15-17+ years of expertise. We have conducted corporate training with Top MNCs Like NVIDIA, TCS, Capgemini, MOURITech AP India, etc.

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What is the mode of payment and will you provide an electronic invoice on our company name?

The mode of payment is Online Transfer,Credit, Debit, UPI or Paypal. Please email us on
We will provide an invoice once you made the payment (if needed).

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Will I be able to handle job tasks after learning from this course?

Yes,our course is designed as per industry standards and meets the customer needs.
During training, the trainer will teach best practices that you can apply in your real-time project. But our training does not guarantee job support.

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How much time can I expect the trainer to respond to my query?

You can email all your doubts to the trainer, usually within 4 hours of the time, the trainer will respond to your doubts.
You can also post a question on our website and other fellow members will answer.

I don't have knowledge in UI5 and Fiori. still, can I learn RAP course?

We will use Fiori Elements which is based on annotations so no need for JS
or Freestyle UI5 dev.

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Is ABAP on HANA knowledge required to learn RAP Course?

We will cover the basics of CDS and Entity in the first session on CDS. Those who
don't know CDS, Join my ABAP on HANA Training first where we will learn the below concepts first-
Basics of CDS, VDM, Table Function, SQL Scripting, AMDP, CDS Security,
CDS Scenario, EL, VoV, Extend, Annotations, UI annotations.

I dont know ABAP, how can i learn RAP?

No, You must learn Core ABAP and ABAP on HANA first

Sap techer.jpg
How to become full stack SAP developer?

We need to complete below courses to become Full Stack- Developer in SAP
1. UI5 and Fiori
3. Fiori Advance
4. RAP
Kindly check the link given below:


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