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Google Blockly and Scratch Training

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On Going

You can join the current batch which is on-going and cover missed class by Videos.

As of now there is no LIVE batch on going for the course. You can opt for video mode of training for s4 cloud extension course.

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No Plans: Please opt for video based training with latest videos

Video Mode

Start your learning instantly with our video mode of training.

Please make the payment and get the access of videos, Access will last for 8 months from the day of payment. Check course screenshot below.

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Google Blockly Training is designed by architects/engineers for kids to learn and build logical thinking. Logical thinking is the process in which one uses reasoning consistently to come to a conclusion. Problems or situations that involve logical thinking call for structure. To solve any problem, we need to design structure and divide it into different Blocks.
Block-based coding, sometimes known as block-based–programming. Blockly is coding within a programming language where instructions are mainly represented as blocks. Scratch and Blockly is a block-based programming language.


The course aimed at computer science teachers and workshop organizers who would like to inspire young people to take their first steps with Computers, a visual, drag-and-drop programming language. The vision is to develop creative powers in your child and cultivate the seeds of future-driven technologies. The goal will be to make your child understand, how computers can be used to solve the problems and help them to build a successful career ahead in computer science. Maybe bringing next Steve Jobs, Bill gates out of your own child.
Google and the MIT Media Lab’s Scratch Team are collaborating on the development of a new generation of graphical programming blocks, called Scratch Blocks. Scratch Blocks builds on Google’s Blockly technology and the Scratch team’s expertise in designing creative interfaces for young learners.
Scratch Blocks is…

  • A collaboration between MIT and Google, built on Blockly.

  • The beginner is friendly with an icon-based horizontal UI.

  • Scratch’s standard vertical UI.

  • Designed specifically for younger kids and aspiring software engineers.



After the completion of this course, Trainee will:

  1. Understand the basics of Google’s innovative way of solving problems.

  2. Build Creative ability to solve problems and think logical.

  3. Understanding of Problem conditions and their solutions logically.

  4. Create Amazing Out-of-Box thinking.

It also prepares for the next step towards programming languages.


  • No prior programming knowledge is required as this course is designed from the basics of programming.

Who should attend this training

  • Anyone, this training is a foundation for students who want to become Software Eng. Or having the interest to understand the basics of software designing and embark by enhancing their skills with the latest developments.

  • Blockly is ideal for students who want to learn Programming languages further.

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About Our Instructor


Our instructor Miss Sonia is a Creative Pattern Cutter and specializes in draping and modeling on the stand. She has worked at companies like IBM, Google, Amazon for over ten years and has focused her career in the IT Solutions and training domains, creating iconic solutions, designs, and blocks for clients over the USA, Germany, and the UK. She has worked for a large number of freelancing projects, IT projects and trained over 1000s of school and college students in India and overseas.

She is an inspiration for many aspiring professionals and students. She has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, which helps you to get another perspective over the IT.

+91 - 84484 54549

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