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SAP MDK Development || SAP Hybrid Fiori App with offline APK Training - Video Mode only

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Video Mode Only

Please make the payment and get the access of videos, Access will last for 8 months from the day of payment. Check the course highlights below.

The SAP BTP Mobile Development Kit (SAP MDK) course introduces you to the vast potential of SAP BTP Platform and provides hands-on experience in using this open platform to develop Native Android and iOS applications with SAP Fiori.

The Cordova plugin allows us to take any HTML5 based applications and virtualize the same on mobile OS like android and iOS. It contains the required runtime and plugin to interact with devices. Hence providing runtime environment to our Fiori Apps built using SAP UI5.

The BTP environment enables you to develop new Mobile Native Applications for Fiori User experience with MDK. You can leverage the Business application studio MDK dev space to generate these apps which gets the offline capability out of box. Tke full advantage of Microservice architecture in SAP BTP.

1. Build, Develop, Deploy, Manage end to end Hybrid Fiori Apps

2. Become an SAP BTP MDK Developer
3. Learn Creation of apps which can scan Barcode

4. Build Apps which can run in offline DB and sync when device is online

5. Create Native mobile apps with SAP BTP platform

On completion of this course you will be able to:-

1. SAP BTP, Introduction

2. Create Native Android and iOS Apps using MDK

3. Hybrid Fiori apps with GSuite Integration

4. Serverless apps for mobile

5. Use device capabilities using different plugins



1. Basic programming knowledge
2. Basic knowledge of Cloud

3. Strong knowledge of SAP UI5 and Fiori with UI5 tooling on VS Code

Learn and Understand building Mobility for Fiori Apps

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