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Are SAP ABAP on SAP HANA and HANA Modelling the same?


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ABAP is the programming language explicit to SAP NetWeaver and has been around for quite a while. HANA is the backend that runs the SAP scene. Its primary capacity is a creative section based social database the executive’s framework (RDBMS) used to store, recover and process information identified with center exercises.

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a programming language for an SAP application. we do the coding freely of the fundamental database. ... ... The HANA database is section situated and the information is put away in the RAM. The fundamental advantages of the HANA database are quicker access and information pressure.

SAP ABAP on Hana

ABAP (improvement) for SAP HANA alludes to all advancements which influence the intensity of SAP HANA inside ABAP-based applications. In this specific situation, the SAP HANA stage is the essential database basic the ABAP stage.

SAP HANA Modelling Overview

Displaying is a movement wherein clients refine or cut information in the database table by making a data see dependent on the business situation. These data perspectives can be utilized for detailing and basic leadership reason.

Data see is produced using different mixes of substance information to make a model for a business situation.

Content Data in data see are of two kinds –

•Attribute: Descriptive and Non-Measurable Data. For example, Merchant ID, Vendor Name, City, and so on.

•Measure: Data can be quantifiable and determined. For example, Income Quantity Sold and Counters. The measure is gotten from a logical and figuring view. The measure can't be made in the Attribute see.

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